Put the best up against the rest.

When it comes to service and critical components,
IC Bus delivers.

Purpose-built for the school bus industry, IC Bus delivers an an advantageous warranty, for the hardest-working parts, at more convenient locations than anyone else.

Warranty Comparison: IC Bus vs. Blue Bird

Coverage IC Bus BlueBird Advantage
Engine and Fuel System 5yrs 5yrs -
Transmission Allison/7yrs Ford/5yrs IC Bus
Towing Unlimited Varies by Component IC Bus

Diesel Engine Comparison: IC Bus® CE Series vs. Thomas

Cummins® B6.7 Engine Detroit DD5 Engine
Cylinders Inline-6 Inline-4
Experience 30+ years 3 years in European markets
Production 12 million annually 60,000 annually
Engineering American design Derived from European design


Cummins B6.7 engines are serviced at over 3,500 locations—the largest service network in the industry.

Propane Engine Comparison

  IC Bus Blue Bird Thomas
Engine PSI 8.8L V8 Ford 6.8L V10 PI Pithon 8L V8
Horsepower @ 1000rpm 103 71 hp 71 hp
Horsepower @ 2000rpm 215 160 hp 162 hp
Torque @ 1000rpm 540 lb-ft 375 lb-ft 375 lb-ft
Torque @ 2000rpm 564 lb-ft 564 lb-ft 427 lb-ft


Purpose-built, with a low engine speed design, the PSI 8.8L drives like a diesel, with no compromise on engine power and reliability.

Gasoline Engine Comparison: IC Bus® CE Series vs. Blue Bird


  IC Bus Blue Bird
Engine PSI 8.8L V-8 Ford 6.8L V-10
Displacement 8.8L 6.8L
Rated horsepower 265 HP @ 2,600 320 HP @ 3,900
@1,000 RPM 95 N/A
@2000 RPM 202 N/A
Rated torque 548 ft-lb @ 1,800 460 ft-lb @ 3,000
@1,000 RPM 500 ft-lb N/A
@2000 RPM 530 ft-lb N/A
Bore/stroke 4.35”x4.50” N/A
Compression ratio  17.31 N/A



Designed for stop-and-start operation, the PSI 8.8L V-8 gasoline delivers similar power and performance to diesel, allowing for immediate acceleration after stops and greater hill climbing ability.

Transmission Comparison: Allison 2000 Series™ vs. Ford (gasoline and propane applications)

  Allison 2000 Series™
Allison shafts Shorter and sturdier for more strength and reliability than Ford.
Allison C1 clutch 8.3% more clutch material than Ford means better holding force and more power to the drive wheels
Allison C5 clutch 44.2% more clutch material than Ford allows you to hold first gear longer, in the toughest operations
Allison warranty 7-years, unlimited miles, on every transmission we place


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