Link List Grid

In order to include the space between items as shown below click the checkbox Has Gutters in the component properties. 
The Link List Grid component uses a datasource that looks up a parent/child list of Grid Link items. While there is no theoretical limit on the number of items which could be placed in the grid, it is not recommended to use more than 12 items.

  • Recommended Placeholder: Section Container
Display options
  • No additional display options
  • Based on the total number of items, the grid will vary e.g. when five items are present rows of 3 then 2 columns will display. For seven items, rows of 4 then 3 columns will display. This all happens automatically in the code. 
  • Each Grid Link item consists of the following fields.
    • Grid Label
    • Image
    • Link
    • LinkText
    • MediaTitle
      • Only for Media items, this field should be used to display Title.